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As kidney function deteriorates, wastes and excess fluids tend to accumulate within the body.
  • Medications are used when CKD is detected at early stages. They help slowing down the loss of kidney function, and alleviating symptoms such as anemia.

As CKD progresses, medication usually evolves in order to be adapted to the patient. In its last stage, also called kidney failure, it also becomes necessary to replace the kidney function. In addition to medication, two options are considered:
  • Dialysis is a treatment involving a dialysis machine, in which the blood is taken out of the body to be cleaned, before it is put back within the blood circulation. It is usually performed 3 to 7 times a week and takes several hours.
  • Kidney transplantation can be performed in case of kidney failure. However, as there is a shortage of organs, most candidates for a kidney transplant are put on a waiting list. Until an organ is available, they need to be on dialysis.
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