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Kidney stones

Kidney stones are solid elements formed of an aggregation of small crystals in the urinary tract, resulting from an imbalance of urine composition. After the kidney stone has formed, your body will try to pass it in urine, so it will travel through the urinary system, and can block the urine flow. This is a really painful disease.

While small kidney stones may be passed out in the urine, there is a high risk of a stone blocking part of the urinary system, such as the ureter or the urethra. If this happens, it will cause severe pain in the abdomen or groin.

Severe stone episode or repeated stones episodes could also lead to:

  • infection
  • kidney damage
  • kidney failure
Did you know?  
It affects about 10% of the population in Western countries. Half of all those who have already experienced kidney stones will have a repeat episode!

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